Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Its been a year and some since I've started looking at the world through the camera.
A year and some since I've tried to create images in the shadow of amazing photographers.
A year and some since I've been in the most satisfactory relationship ever.

So,some time today, when i was pretty jobless, i got to thinking- What is photography to me? Whats my description of a good photograph? do i judge a photo by its composition, light, colour, contrast, the moment caught, or the people?

It stuck me then, while all these things were important to make a good photograph, a fantastically fabulous photograph is that which speaks to the viewer. Secrets perhaps. But something that the person viewing the photo identifies with.

So here are somethings i have learnt.

1. Don't plan the result. Just be prepared. Chances are you will get amazing shots ( esp on photo walks) without planning them.

2. Shoot constantly, incessantly, unyieldingly.

3. Shoot anything. anything. You never know what makes a beautiful image.

4. Shoot instinctively.

5. It is true. Early morning light rocks!!!!

I'll add up more as and when i learn more..
I am but an infant in photography.

Do check out my flickr album HERE

Monday, September 28, 2009


There's music in my head,
no one has heard it yet.
Its the sound track of my life.
Its a tune i live by.
There's music in my head,
No one has heard it yet.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Award !!!! An Award!!!! Here it goes!!!!

I got an award! yipppee!!! Thanks Maanu. I dont think i do any humane blogging , but yippeee! I've never got an award. MUHAAHA

Thursday, September 10, 2009


A long time ago
Lived a man, Marco.
He travelled to Spain
but from cussing, he didnt refrain,
That's how he ended, my sweet,
All 'lone and six feet deep.

To Ranjeetha. Who fell in love with Marco within two poems.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My day out.

For the past three or more days, I've been meaning to blog. It wasn't the scarcity of the material that stopped me. It was just plain laziness.
Lets start with something which happened recently- I watched a play ( yipppeee!!!) After what seemed like years of self inflicted exile, the feeling of being out, well,was liberating.
The play was called 'Copenhagen' Directed by
Prakash Belawadi, it was
one of the better plays that I have watched. It had matter and depth and layers and layers of interpretations. Physics, ethics, choice and consequence, the gray scale of human nature,all paths weaved together so perfectly, such that whichever path you followed, the destination was the same. The discussion which followed was really intellectual, and opened my mind to wonderful new ideas and perspectives. The actors did justice to those stalwarts of Physics- Bohr and Heisenberg,convincing me that they were the great physicists that said they were. They brought humanness to the characters that we have read only in text books and believe nearly to be super beings. The play, has the world war II as the background and talks about choices, confusion, fear and uncertainty.It is a beautiful play.

Sadly,Theatre isn't given its due very often. The auditorium was filled with a handful of people. This form of entertainment is declining and discouraging turn outs aren't helping too much. But it should be noted, we did watch the 11:30 am show. Hopefully the 'Real' show ( scheduled at 5:30 pm)was a better success.
Even though the play is over two hours,the pace is fast and the story holds your interest.Its a must watch.

Lunch was at Garuda's food court;Malaysian noodles and coke.Met a couple of friends.Chased a couple cousins down Garuda mall( being a stalker is hard work,Pallu!)and called it a day.

And that's how my Saturday went. Oh I shouldn't forget the tasty lasagna I had for dinner at Citrine ,the restaurant in Seshadripuram .A dinner that ended with, wonderfully, coffee.
That was Saturday-my day out.

Anyone out there still willing to give me a job?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shruthi's wrong job.

I met Shruthi for the first time when i was in !st PU. She is my sisters friend and is quite mad frankly. Her blog a testimony for that. Working with cake men and superhero uncles, she's lost her calling.

Please listen to the song below and encourage her to stop thinking she's a superwoman who has a cake fetish.

And tell her please singing is what she was born to do.

The Job Part 3

Your life flashes in front of you when faced with death, they say. Bull shit. All your senses awaken and all you can do is look at, wait for that inevitable. Ive faced bullets a million times and each time the anticipation feels different. Each time feels like the last time.

The Jeep was out of control and Shalini had been hurt. Krishna's throat was bleeding . A glass piece from the second blast had gotten stuck and he couldn’t talk. Raj was hyperventilating. His revolver, which was pointed at that damn terrorist Govindaraju was shaking. But all I could think of, even then, was that I had to kill that fuckin bastard, who was still handcuffed. If this sham has to look genuine, the handcuffs had to go. Krishna had the keys. He was supposed to free him and as soon the cuffs came off, I and Raj were supposed to shoot. But Krishna was hurt badly and I knew, it was just me now. Just me to make this look like self defense. My heart was in my mouth and I could hear Abhi yell out Shalini’s name.I hoped and prayed, that Shalu was alright. I took in a deep breath. It was now, or never. Raj nodded at me. His hands hadn’t stopped shaking. I took in a deep breath and reached for the key in Krishna’s jeans. Said a tiny prayer for his well being and slid in next to the bastard. Just as I twisted the key into the cuffs, Krishna kicked my leg. As soon as I looked up I saw, looming large and blocking the path, a tree. It doesn’t matter how many life threatening situations you’ve been in, it always is a shock. I yelled out to Abhi. But before I could even look back, I felt the impact. All I remember thinking then was ‘FUCK!!’ before something hit my head and I blacked out.
I woke up 12 hours later in a hospital , without a clue how I got there. No one seemed to know anything. All anyone had to say to me was a woman got me to the hospital and no one had seen her since. Its been 3 days now and Ive been on the phone with all the authorities. No one knew anything. Where are my friends? Was the woman who got me here, Shalini? Why didn’t anyone know anything?